Steven Studios Student of the Week Bronyn Newman

Bronwyn Newman

Highland High School, Class of 2010

Bronwyn brought her letterman jacket in with her to her senior portrait session, she really liked this image! She is looking forward to her senior year at Highland.

We love it when our seniors bring things in that represent who they are and what they love to do. It really makes their portraits more personal.


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miranda javner  commented on  October 20th, 2009

awh,i love my brawny. [: Varsity cheer girls forever.

Steven Studios Student of the Week Jessica Quintero

Jessica Quintero

Highland High School, Class of 2010

Jessica and her Mom were at my desk today choosing Jessica's yearbook picture, they were so nice! Jessica had so many beautiful pictures to choose from, it was hard to make a decision. She chose an outdoor picture (required by Highland yearbook), it is so cute, but I just couldn't resist showing you some of our favorites. The large portrait is tinted, you can get your portrait tinted too, just ask at the time of ordering. 

If you attend Golden Valley, Frontier, East or Highland you must get your senior portrait appointment soon if you want to be included in your senior yearbook section. We want you to get your portrait done soon so you will have enough time to choose your own yearbook pose. If you haven't taken your senior pictures yet, call us here at Steven Studios to get your appointment (661-832-9003). We are booking up fast so don't put it off.

Steven Studios Student of the Week Pablo Santiago

Pablo Santiago

Highland High School, Class of 2010 

This is Steven Studios first 2010 Senior of the week! Pablo is such a nice guy! Pablo and his mom were in the studio ordering his senior portraits and these were some of their favorites. He does look great in these portraits.

The picture on the left is in full color, the picture on the far right is black and white, and the two smaller images in the center are tinted. If you like these styles ask about them when you order in the studio.

We are now photographing 2010 Seniors from Highland, Frontier, East and Golden Valley High Schools for the senior yearbook picture. If you are a senior at one of these schools get your appointment soon! 




South Valley Professionals in Photography 

Print Competition Winner  June 10, 2009

Fred Sbardellati, Owner of Steven Studios entered South Valley Professionals in Photography print competition. The print name is "Navajo Girl". There were many of our local professional photographers entered.  Fred took top prize and earned the Blue ribbon for Print of the month. Congratulations Fred!  

Our "Navajo Girl" is December Harrison, she graduated from Golden Valley High School in June of 2009. She is from the Navajo tribe and is wearing a special occasion rug dress. December is such a beautiful girl. 

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Davina (mother)  commented on  June 11th, 2009

WOW! Amazing! I always knew my daughter was beautiful, but Stevens Studios managed to MAGNIFY the beauty in her! Thank you Fred and Christi for the wonderful work you do! We'll be seeing you soon for our family photo! God Bless.

Lene Tallman Riggs  commented on  June 12th, 2009

December is my grand-daughter, and I'm blessed to be part of her life. She is wonderful child! She's a good horse person too, we spent last summer going on a lot of horseback rides. Love you December; you are beautiful!

Sharon Harrison-Figueroa  commented on  June 13th, 2009

December what a beautiful girl you are. We love the picture and are very happy about you winning the contest. Good Luck in the coming future. Love, Sharon & Family

Mark & Davina Harrison  commented on  June 20th, 2009

We've always known our daughter, December, was beautiful, but Fred brought out the best of her in print. Fred possess years of experience and I really like his vision when taking photos and capturing images. In each picture he snaps, you can observe the care and quality he put into it. Steven Studios, you've done an excellent job, and much appreciation for entering her picture in the competition. CONGRATULATIONS for winning the top prize, you earned it! From Mark & Davina Harrison (Proud Parents)



Shipping cost corrected!

We have made corrections to the shipping cost  for the Highland Grad handshake photos. We are so sorry for any confusion. Anyone that paid the wrong (higher) price for shipping will be called and reimbursed. Thank you for your understanding.

Steven Studios Student of the Week Summer Bleich

Summer Bleich

HIghland High School Class of 2009

I Love Summer!  For those of you who do not know, she is my daughter and I am so proud of her!!!. She just graduated from Highland last Thursday night, it was great.  My entire family was there (all 21 of us), we are all so proud of her! She will attend BC next year. If you are there look for her in the red BC cheer uniform.

This is a page from her Senior book, I like this new design. 

2009 Seniors there is still time for you to order your senior pictures, just call to get an appointment. Make sure you get it done soonm we start photographing the 2010 Seniors on June 16th.

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Nicole Edwards  commented on  June 6th, 2009

Summer, I just wanted say congrads!!!!! Continue on singing it makes you who you are!

Steven Studios Student of the Week Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins

Golden Valley High School, Class of 2009

Courtney was in the Studio today with her Mother and Grandmother  What a nice family! Courtney had so many great portraits to choose from it was hard to choose only a few, so they order an 8-up folio along with their regular portrait order. I think Courtney looks great both serious and smiling! She is so pretty!!!

It is not too late to order your pictures and still get them before graduation! Give Steven Studios a call to get an appointment to get your pictures ordered.


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Margaret A. Smith  commented on  May 2nd, 2009

You did a spectacular job with my granddaughter's portraits. I appreciate your help with our order and look forward to having them by graduation.