Steven Studios Student of the Week Kelsey Galpin


Kelsey Galpin

Highland High School, Class of 2009  



I could not decide which of these pictures to put on the blog for you too I put them both up!! Kelsey is so beautiful!

The top image is a page from Kelsey's Senior Book, I love it!!! The Senior Book layouts are really special, every page is custom.  You pick your 15 favorite images we do the rest.

The one to the left is one of Kelsey's favorites. I really like it too, and I love it in black and white. 

Do you know Steven Studios does not charge extra for you to change any image into black and white?  

Steven Studios Student of the Week Quinn Buniel

Quinn Buniel

Frontier High School, Class of 2009



I love these senior portraits, don't you?   I could not resist putting them on our blog!

The picture on the left kind of reminds me of a modern day James Dean.   Quinn also looks great in a tux!  

Quinn has a couple of really great looks in his Senior Portraits. Don't you agree?

Make sure you bring more than one change of clothes for your Senior Portraits,  it is always fun to have several looks to choose from.

It's not too late to have your portraits taken for the 2009 graduating year!









Steven Studios Student of the Week Aaron Burdick

Aaron Burdick

East High School, Class of 2009


Student of the week March 2009

This is a two page spread from  Aaron's custom designed Senior Book.

Come in to our studio and ask how you can get your own personal Album!



Welcome to Steven Studios new blog!

This is our first ever blog! So here goes!!!

  1. Check our blog from week to week
  2. We will post our specials here, so if you like to save money, (I know I do) check  out our blog.
  3. Yet annother reason to check out our blog: We will post our favorite photos here. You could see your friends, you might even see yourself! 
  4. We will try to keep dates important to you here on our site.

See you soon! 

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Dee  commented on  February 26th, 2009

Awesome blog!