Helpful Hints for Getting Ready!



Just a few helpful pointers to get you started...



  • Please come dressed and ready to be photographed in your outfit. If you have additional ouftits, please bring them on a hanger, so as to avoid wrinkles!
  • Medium to dark tones look best. Avoid large prints, patterns, or bright colors.
  • Choose long or 3/4 length sleeved outfits rather than short sleeves, sleeveless, or strapless.
  • Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor sessions. Middle tones or deeper, solid colors are ideal for formal, indoor portraits.

Hair & Make-up

  • Keep your make-up natural and fresh. Plan to wear your hair and make-up in a style you already know and are comfortable with. Avoid anything new or complicated.
  • If you dye your hair, make sure to do it at least a week prior to your session, so those pesky, day-of dye lines don't show in your picture.
  • If you have a beard, moustache, or sideburns, please make sure they are freshly trimmed.
  • Keep in mind your hands will show in the photos, so a fresh manicure is a must!



  • If you normally wear glasses, wear them for your photos. It is best to have the lenses removed prior to your session, if possible, to reduce the lens glare in your photos.
  • If you cannot remove the lenses, we will do our best to work around it (ie: shooting some with and some without your glasses). If you do end up wearing glasses with lenses for your shoot, please be aware that lens glare can be costly, sometimes impossible to remove.



  • Do you have hobbies in or outside of school? Anything you love, we love too! Bringing your own props in is a fun way to personalize your senior pictures. From sports equipment and musical instruments to sketch pads and shopping bags - we've seen it all!
  • If you plan on bringing an animal friend or a larger prop such as a motorcycle or car, please notify us at the time of scheduling your appointment, so we can make appropriate accomodations on the day of your session. Please see separate page, Animal Buddies, for instructions on bringing a pet to your session!



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