Senior Portrait FAQs

Do I have to pay to take a yearbook picture?

- If you are a senior from one of our contract high schools (East, Independence, North, Ridgeview, Shafter) you do have a free session available to you (the Limited Session). You are under no obligation to pay for a photo session and it is completely free to select your yearbook picture.

-Should you wish to have a larger session, paid sessions are available and would include things such as more time with the photographer, more poses to choose from, and some include outfit changes.


If I choose a paid session, when do I pay?

-If you choose a paid session, payment of the session retainer plus tax is required in full at the time you schedule your appointment. This can be done over the phone with Visa or Mastercard, or in person at our studio with cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard.


Can I upgrade my session from the one that I scheduled?

-Time permitting, we are happy to upgrade your session should you wish to do so. Due to yearbook deadlines, we cannot always guarantee this, but as long as we have the time, we are happy to do so.

-If you want to upgrade to a larger session, please call us and notify us in advance. You will need to pay the difference in the session retainer cost at that time.

-Due to our busy schedule during yearbook season, there is a chance that upgrading your session will require us to reschedule you do a different day if there is not enough time available on the day you are scheduled.

-Any changes to the type of session you have must be done at least 24 hours in advance. No upgrades will be done on the day of your session.


Can I bring someone with me to my photo session?

-You are welcome to bring one person (age 13 or older) with you to watch your session. As small children are not allowed downstairs during your session, those with small children are welcome to wait upstairs in our customer waiting area while you are being photographed. You can also come on your own and are not required to have anyone accompanying you.


How do I pick my yearbook picture?

-If you booked a paid session, you will be able to select your yearbook photo online. Please refer to the "Yearbook Selection Process" flier on the blog (or the printed version in the packet we gave you when you were photographed) for step-by-step instructions on how to select your yearbook photo.

-If you booked a free session, you will have the opportunity to select your yearbook picture at a later date on campus. We will book a day (to be determined by you school at a later date) where we come out to your school and you can select there.


Does my session come with prints?

-Your session retainer does not include prints. You are paying for your time spent with the photographer on the day of the session. Some of our sessons (please refer to our Senior session page for details) do, however, offer the opportunity to put some of your session retainer money toward your print order if you order within a certain amount of time.


How long do I have to order prints?

-You have up until the end of the school year to order prints. Your online gallery will only be active for a limited amount of time, during which time you can order there as well. We recommend ordering in our studio - there are more options available and sometimes having a helping hand to walk you through the process can be such a relief! All in studio orders require an appointment to be scheduled in advance. Please call us at 661-832-9003 to schedule.


When I order, how much do I have to pay?

-Orders placed online will need to be paid in full with a Visa or Mastercard at the time you place your order. If you are ordering in the studio and your order total before tax is under $200, you will also be asked to pay the full amount at the time you place your order. If your in-studio order is over $200 before tax, we require a minimum of 50% down at the time you order and the rest to be paid off before you can take your order home. 


What happens to my pictures after I graduate?

-We guarantee to keep senior pictures for at least 3 years after you graduate. Once you graduate, your photos are archived. The archives are guaranteed available January-May (basically when we are not in the middle of photographing our current senior class). When you make an appointment to order photos from the archives, you will be asked to pay a $50 retainer. If we find your photos, this is non-refundable, but will go entirely toward your order. If we no longer have your photos, the money is returned to you in its entirety.



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