Team Sports Photos FAQs


Where do I get my order form?

-Order forms should be passed out by your coach several days before picture day. If you have not received an order form please contact your coach or athletic director before the day of the shoot. If you are not able to do this or forget your order form, please notify the photographer, they will most likely have extras.


 When do I pay for my pictures?

-Payment is required at the time the pictures are taken. Please include your chosen form of payment (cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard) in the attached envelope, seal it, and give to the photographer when the pictures are taken. Photographer cannot be held responsible for cash, check, or card numbers that are not sealed inside of the povided envelope. Please make sure you fill out the form completely (especially in the case of payment with a credit or debit card). Turning in an incomplete order form may cause your order to get held back. 


Can I pay at a later date?

-In order to qualify for the group prices listed on the order form, you must pay at the time the pictures are taken. Orders placed after picture day will incur a $10 late charge on top of your order total and will need to be picked up at Steven Studios (335 S. Chester Ave.).

-Individual photos are optional. All players will be in the team photo, however, individual photos will only be taken if you are ordering a package with individual photos included. Students who do not turn in an order form or do not request individual photos on picture day will not have individual photos taken of them.


What happens if I forget my envelope?

-Please speak with the photographer on picture day. The photographer usually has extra forms to be filled out, however payment will still need to be included. In cases such as this, it is often easiest to contact your parent or guardian to give their credit or debit information over the phone (Visa or Mastercard). If absolutely necessary, you may call our studio the day after the shoot to pay for your picture package, however any orders not paid for by 4pm the following business day will be removed from the group order and will be charged a $10 late fee to continue processing.


When and/or how will I get my order once it has been placed?

-Average processing time is approximately 4 weeks. When your order is ready, it will be delivered to the school with the rest of your team's pictures. Your coach or athletic director will then decide when the packages are to be handed out (usually either at practice or at the awards ceremony). *If you order late, your package will not arrive in time to be delivere to to the school with your team - we will call you when your order is ready for pick up at Steven Studios.


Can I order more pictures?

-Reorder pricing will be same as late orders ($10 additional fee on top of your order total). If you would like to place a reorder, please call us at 661-832-9003 to set up an appointment to do so in our studio. If the school year in which you or your student was photographed has ended, please contact the studio to see if we still have the photos. We cannot guarantee that we will, but often times we do have past years in our archives and will do our best to help you!


Can I view and/or order these pictures online?

-No. Due to the way in which the team sports shoots are processed, online previewing of pictures and ordering is not available. All orders must either be placed on the day of the shoot or, in the case of a reorder, at our studio (please call 661-832-9003 to make an appointment).


Are there make-up days if I miss team picture day?

-If you miss team picture day, you will not be in the team picture. If you miss taking individual pictures, there are no scheduled make-up days at the school. If you want to take make-up individual pictures, please call us in advance to set up an appointment to be photographed. Prepayment of the package you wish to order will be required at the time you schedule your appointment, so please be prepared to pay when you make your appointment. All make-up shoots of this nature will be at our studio and it will be your responsibility to provide any uniform or gear that you might need.


I ordered and paid for pictures but did not receive them. Why?

-Please double check that your payment was processed. Often, orders are held at our studio or not processed because of a returned check or declined card. When this happens, we do make several attempts to contact you, however, if you do not get back to us before the photos are delivered to the school, your order is held at the studio. If your payment was processed, please check with your coach and/or athletic director to see if they have your order (orders not picked up when the rest of the team's are distributed are often held in the school office). If you and your coach/athletic director are still unable to locate your order, please call us at 661-832-9003 and we will be happy to help you figure out what is going on and make sure you get your order!



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