South Valley Professionals in Photography 

Print Competition Winner  June 10, 2009

Fred Sbardellati, Owner of Steven Studios entered South Valley Professionals in Photography print competition. The print name is "Navajo Girl". There were many of our local professional photographers entered.  Fred took top prize and earned the Blue ribbon for Print of the month. Congratulations Fred!  

Our "Navajo Girl" is December Harrison, she graduated from Golden Valley High School in June of 2009. She is from the Navajo tribe and is wearing a special occasion rug dress. December is such a beautiful girl. 


Davina (mother)  commented on  June 11th, 2009

WOW! Amazing! I always knew my daughter was beautiful, but Stevens Studios managed to MAGNIFY the beauty in her! Thank you Fred and Christi for the wonderful work you do! We'll be seeing you soon for our family photo! God Bless.

Lene Tallman Riggs  commented on  June 12th, 2009

December is my grand-daughter, and I'm blessed to be part of her life. She is wonderful child! She's a good horse person too, we spent last summer going on a lot of horseback rides. Love you December; you are beautiful!

Sharon Harrison-Figueroa  commented on  June 13th, 2009

December what a beautiful girl you are. We love the picture and are very happy about you winning the contest. Good Luck in the coming future. Love, Sharon & Family

Mark & Davina Harrison  commented on  June 20th, 2009

We've always known our daughter, December, was beautiful, but Fred brought out the best of her in print. Fred possess years of experience and I really like his vision when taking photos and capturing images. In each picture he snaps, you can observe the care and quality he put into it. Steven Studios, you've done an excellent job, and much appreciation for entering her picture in the competition. CONGRATULATIONS for winning the top prize, you earned it! From Mark & Davina Harrison (Proud Parents)

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