Non-Contract Schools

If you are not from one of our contract schools (our contreact schools are - East, Independence, North, Ridgeview, & Shafter) we are still more than happy to photograph you for your yearbook. Please check with your school first, as many schools have a selected contract photographer.  If your school has a contract photographer, you must be photographed by them in order to appear in your yearbook, but may still come to Steven Studios any time during the school year if you would like to have more senior portraits taken. If your school does not have a contract photographer, we can take your yearbook picture; you will simply need to provide us with a contact at the school or yearbook company where we can send your picture. There is a minimum portrait order of $100.00 required for us to send your yearbook selection to the publisher.  For more info on our senior session prices, please call us at 661-832-9003.

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